When it comes to your packaging needs, saving money on products and keeping your materials safe in transit is your number one priority. But often, saving money on packaging products means cutting corners on quality, and compromising on quality can mean expensive loss of inventory. The good news is with a competitive market like contracted packaging, suppliers are always looking for the most innovated, advanced packaging materials to give them the competitive edge. Innovative packaging is just one of many ways you can increase your productivity and keep packaging costs down.

1. Investing in Research and Testing

Any growing company in today’s market must be consistently thinking about the future of their products and the needs of the consumer. Many manufacturers invest heavily into research and development like International Safe Transit Association testing to assure their products arrive safely to consumers. Those utilizing contract packaging get to take advantage of the contractor’s in-house lab testing. This lab testing will test the durability, longevity, impact and resistance of a packaging material to assure their clients get a quality product they can rely on.

2. Automation

Most manufacturers are typically deterred from taking on the costs of automating their packaging process, but the cost of the labor being wasted could make up for the upfront costs. For example, if you utilized an I-bar sealer to automate your shrink-wrapping process, the machine could pay for itself in a year. That’s a savings of $25,000 a year.

3. Packaging Audits

Many manufacturers will take advantage of a packaging audit at least once a year to reduce costs. Audits are typically performed by a contract packager to test the quality of materials a manufacturer is using and the process they are using. If you are losing inventory due to poor packaging materials, it could be time to test your packaging process and materials.

4. Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing greener packaging, but the materials are more lightweight and cost-effective. The materials are also more versatile and easily disposable. Companies also get the added benefit of improving their brand image.

5. Reducing Storage Costs

Using a vendor-management inventory system can save space in your warehouse and increase production. Offered by contract packagers like Packaging Personified gives manufacturers the ability to track, reorder and keep inventory of packaging products while saving space for more warehouse inventory.

6. Outsourcing

Packaging optimization with an outsourced vendor will save labor costs, warehouse space, and provide a company with the piece of mind knowing that they are getting the best quality shipping products to deliver their inventory safely every time. A packaging vendor like Packaging Personified also has varied capabilities like printing, lamination, and graphics that can be extremely costly for a company to do themselves.

7. Materials Selection

Overhauling your packaging inventory can be a long-term solution to reducing costs. Making sure that a manufacturer is using the right size, shape, and weight of packaging materials can be critical to reducing inventory loss and meeting the demands of their customers. Many manufacturers find that they can replace heavy corrugated cardboard with cheaper, but just as effective options, like shrink films.