The ability to track your product from beginning to end is the Packaging Personified difference!

As food safety regulations continue to require more of food producers, trusting the source of your packaging continues to become a higher priority. We at Packaging Personified take your priorities seriously which why is we use materials designed for food packaging and employ practices in our facilities to support a safe and clean environment. We have invested in some of the industries most advanced work flows to ensure that we meet your expectations.

To support our clients, and every order, we assign a unique number to every product we manufacture. This unique number serves as identification that allows us to trace each production order to the initial raw material, to the production lines used in manufacturing, the production shifts, and the production personnel who handled the product.

With the use of the latest product traceability system, we can track products using their unique number but also with many other identifiers:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Shift
  • Machine Operator
  • Item Number
  • Job Number
  • Raw Material Lot Number

Working with your food safety program, we ensure your packaging is safe for the purpose it was designed for – protecting your food product. Since 2006, manufacturers have been required to keep track of all adverse reports from this tracking system. Reported events ensure fast and efficient responses as well as an efficient recall program. The safety of our clients and their customers is in the forefront of our mind and we take safety seriously.