Committed to providing safe, effective packaging.

Understanding our clients and their product needs means continuously ensuring product safety for materials that comes into contact with food and other sensitive products. Our product quality systems contribute to food safety and performance by using FDA, prime raw materials and ensuring that effective systems are in place to monitor manufacturing. From in-house product testing, product traceability, 3rd party audits and employee training, Packaging Personified consistent achieves the highest 3rd party rating which helps us deliver products consistent with stringent food safety standards.

What is the Global Food Safety Initiative?

The GFSI was developed after the 1990s saw an increase of intentional food contamination. The safety of worldwide consumers was the most important motivator for the CEOs of major food retailers to develop this comprehensive program. The goal is for retailers, manufacturers, and factories to be certified with specific food safety benchmarking programs and continue to improve food safety management. By driving global change for consumer product safety, this organization is at the forefront of strategic issues to keep everyone safe.


  1. Operational Methods – Along with our product traceability, the construction and storage of our products are monitored every step of the way. Quality systems in place ensures that each step will continually be checked and improved upon as the process of development continues.
  2. Maintenance for Food Safety – The upkeep and management of our equipment, buildings, and grounds are very important to us. We keep our facilities running efficiently so that we can rely on the performance of the machines that come in contact with food.
  3. Cleaning Practices – Facilities cleaning and organization practices contribute to productivity and safety.
  4. Integrated Pest Management – For the safety of our employees and our products, we build facilities and processes that monitor and eliminate conditions that could promote pest contamination.
  5. Cleaning and Ventilation – Production equipment in our facilities is continually under the scrutiny of our HACCP plan. To ensure the safety of all products, we thoroughly clean, disinfect, and ventilate the machines and area your products will be made in. Keeping our manufacturing area in a state of cleanliness is important to your final product.
  6. Adequacy of Food Safety Programs – Documentation for keeping our products safe and traceable is the beginning of each design process and continues to the very end.

We understand the importance of product safety and continuously monitored work environments. Packaging Personified is dedicated to the highest quality product for packaging food and other sensitive products. Following all AIB International guidelines is just the beginning to how we continually exceed expectations.