Corrective Action programs improve quality, lower defect rates, and reduce lost time.

Our corrective action program is in place to ensure quality in every product we manufacture. This corrective action plan helps identify the root cause of any systemic, material, or mechanical breakdown. With help from this program, the cause and effect is analyzed, findings are reviewed, and a resolution is implemented. This plan is the best type of reassurance: interactive and reactive problem-solving. As a company that continues to grow, this program allows Packaging Personified to identify areas of improvement and potential growth to ensure a continuously evolving company dedicated to our clients.

See how our smart technology and corrective action audits can improve your operations and save you money.

Goals of Corrective Action Plans

  • Improve quality – Continuously monitoring final cuts of products allows us to notate what can be improved. Each time a product is developed, we keep track of changes to ensure the process runs more smoothly next time.
  • Lower defect rate – With the development of this plan, we keep track of defects and find solutions to eliminate them from the start. Fixing problems before they start allows for a lower defect rate and keeps our costs low so we can pass the savings onto you.
  • Reduce lost time – More mistakes means more time lost in handling them. Our ever-evolving action plan allows us to adjust as necessary and create a learning environment.
  • Reduce lost material – Each time a mistake is made, the resulting product must be destroyed. The defective products are not only a waste of money but also harmful to the environment. Our additional quality assurance means less material is lost, which is beneficial to Earth and your bottom line.
  • Reduce repeat problems – Learning from mistakes helps current and future clients. Approaching each problem as a learning experience, our team continues to grow and stops issues before they even start.
  • Gather reoccurring information – Information from the corrective action plan helps structure our company as an ever-evolving entity. This database of information helps make decisions regarding training, new equipment, procedural changes, and performance evaluations among departments.
  • Improve communication between departments – Working between departments smoothly is essential to a fast turnaround. This action plan helps show areas of growth and helps each team work as one cohesive machine.
  • Continue to grow – The internal database helps us make decisions as to how we can be more efficient. If that means more hiring, more machinery, or more room, our corrective action plan can help us make those decisions.

The ability to utilize smart technology has increased our quality control as well as enhanced our corrective action plan. As we continue to grow and help clients find the perfect packaging for their products, we are constantly evaluating our systems so that we create even better products for you.