We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver quality!

Each step of our packaging process was created with quality and service as a top priority. Collaborating with Packaging Personified makes available to our customers industry leading work flows in the creation of product specifications, product testing, graphics proofing and separation, all supported by advanced quality assurance practices. We utilize in process technology and third-party audits to ensure product quality, document quality information, and improve product consistency. In addition, our product quality is verified by trained technical quality control personnel to ensure a secondary layer of quality.

Quality tools in place include Ultra-Flat in film extrusion to reduce variation in film thickness. This allows for improved film sealing, print quality, and product consistency. During our printing stage, our ink delivery system controls the ink while the full-web vision system scans print quality. Lastly, our Laser perforation has an automatic shutoff system if more than one vent hole is not properly placed. We pride ourselves on the ability to ensure comprehensive product satisfaction.