Roll Stock eliminates the need for wasteful cardboard packaging.

Packaging Personified offers roll stock for automated loading in a wide range of material blends, colors, constructions and specifications to meet our customers applications and market objectives. The ability to manufacture performance films for applications makes Packaging Personified the perfect partner to supply your printed and non-printed films. Whether you are packaging fresh fruits/vegetables, frozen/processed foods, canned or bottled products needing shrink or bundling film or baked goods/ingredients, Packaging Personified offers an array of packaging structures from mono-layer, co-extruded and laminated films to meet your needs.

Printed and Unprinted Shrink and Bundling Films

Whether you need shrink film for a full box overwrap, supported package with a cardboard tray or an unsupported package with no cardboard tray, Packaging Personified shrink films are an exceptional way to protect, store and present your products. Look to us for printed or unprinted shrink film applications. Eliminating paperboard cartons or corrugated packaging allows for reduction in the cost of product packaging, significant carbon footprint reduction, material weight reduction, and less truck and warehouse space.

Using shrink film solutions from Packaging Personified will help you;

  • Capture shelf appeal with high quality printed graphics.
  • Help consumers handle easily with tight shrink.
  • Deliver excellent strength and durability throughout supply chain

Packaging Films for Vertical and Horizontal Loading

Whether you are using film to load 50 pounds of salt, a 3.25 ounce package of carrots or a 1 pound package of powdered ingredients for baking, Packaging Personified has the solution to meet your needs, film available for both horizontal and vertical loading processes. Film constructions including mono-layer, co-extruded or laminated film, unprinted or printed with high quality graphics, we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Packaging Personified offers a wide range of film sizes and constructions with film thickness ranging from .55 mil to 8.00 mil, clear, tinted or opaque.

Our performance films are designed to meet your application needs with benefits including,

  • Puncture resistance
  • Controlled range of slip levels
  • Custom film stiffness
  • Easy to seal

Laser Perforation

This advanced method of perforating, serration and venting films for applications including microwavable (cook-in-bag packaging), breathable films for the controlled transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide to the control of moisture in a package. Laser perforation provides consistency and performance and is the perfect technique to use for easy open packaging (serrated), controlled atmosphere packaging or cook-in-bag applications.

EZ-Stand – Pouches for VFFS

EZ-Stand is an innovative flexible film available from Packaging Personified. EZ-Stand combines the features of a stand up pouch with the benefits of vertical form/fill and seal automated loading process. EZ-Stand pre-gusseted roll stock functions very similar to the successful concept of Inno-Lok® pre-applied closure. EZ-Stand is made by utilizing an Inno-Lok® machine along with a universal applicator manufactured by the Hudson Sharp Machine Company and is a pre-applied bottom gusset on a roll that is able to run efficiently through a VFFS machine with only minor modifications to existing VFFS equipment. EZ-Stand can be provided at a lower cost than pre-made pouches.