Partnering with a proven supplier provides confidence that you will receive the service, quality and support you need to grow your business.

A partner is what you get when you work with Packaging Personified. Superior customer service, team work and support driven by well trained team members, state of the art manufacturing and inventory management tools to ensure your packaging is available when you need it. Packaging Personified offers an array of food packaging solutions. As a major national supplier of fresh and frozen produce packaging, we offer a wide range of bags and roll stock to meet your food packaging needs. Our customers count on us to provide solutions through creative ideas, quality products, competitive prices and on-time delivery. We have the capacity to quickly meet very specific requirements in both large and small quantities.

Breathable Films – Perfect for applications including green leafy vegetables, cabbages, and carrots to name a few the family of Packaging Personified breathable films with controlled transmission rates of oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture for a variety are a perfect match for your packaging needs.

Potatoes – Packaging Personified is a leading manufacturer of bags and rollstock for fresh and processed potatoes. We offer exceptional graphics, film strength and films that block out UV rays reducing the incidence of greening.

Carrots – Packaging used for a variety of carrots cuts, whole, baby, chips, etc. Films with exceptional graphics, puncture resistance and moisture control. Packaging Personified offers in-house laser perforation to control oxygen transmission and moisture to extend shelf life.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables – The Packaging Personified family of films designed for the packaging of frozen/processed fruits and vegetables delivers exceptional seal characteristics and performance in freezer environment. This proprietary recipe of materials is cost effective and supported by our sales team.

Apples – Wicket bags for all apple varieties and sizes. Exceptional graphics and film strength gives your product excellent shelf appeal.