With unlimited ways to package your product, make sure you’re investing in the best plastic packaging from Packaging Personified.

Packaging Personified offers a wide range of flexible plastic packaging options from side weld bags for hand or automatic loading to roll stock for automatic loading of your products. Whether institutional or retail we offer advanced, vertically integrated manufacturing processes not only to supply your unique packaging needs but to provide your company with excellent service, support and inventory management.

Breathable films and Laser Perforated Controlled Atmosphere Packaging

The development of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the practice of changing the internal air of food packaging on fresh or minimally processed foods. Packaging Personified uses proven techniques to create films to control the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Techniques used include films that breathe at rates to allow the transfer of gases and films that are perforated with our in-house laser to control not only the transfer of gases but also moisture within the package.

 Packaging Options:

  • Side weld bags (printed and unprinted)
  • Roll stock – printed and unprinted
  • Microwavable food packaging
  • EZ-Stand – pouch replacement roll stock for VFFS
  • Breathable roll stock and bags for extended shelf life
  • Laser Perforated/Serrated roll stock for controlled transfer of gases and moisture to extend shelf life. Serration to provide easy opening

Markets Served:

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Frozen/Processed Foods
  • Landscape
  • Baked Goods and Powdered Ingredients
  • Dry Mixes and Dry Food Products
  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood
  • Canned goods, Box overwrap, Bottled goods, Canisters
  • Release Liner Films for adhesive and silicon coating
  • Candy
  • Consumer Goods

Contact us for more information regarding the markets we serve and the array of packaging options we offer!