The need for fast, healthy food is a constant growing sector in the food industry.


Packaging Personified can help you successfully package your goods while making sure your consumers can heat it properly.

Using steam to heat food isn’t a new idea but it has taken on a fresh look. Cook in bags give home cooks the ability to easily steam veggies, and many other types of foods.  When using a microwave steaming bag, your vegetables hold on to their essential nutrients that usually get cooked out when boiled. Packaging Personified uses prime, FDA approved raw materials that are BPA free and safe for use in a microwave. Take advantage of the superior quality and consistency of Packaging Personified’s in-house laser perforation technology. This in-house capability helps create near perfect sized and shaped vent holes requirement for your microwavable packaging. That we offer this service in-house allows us to control production quality, cost and service times.

Packaging Personified microwaveable packaging can manufacture the packaging for your cook in-bag needs.