The frozen food market has continued to increase every year since its inception.

Our frozen food capabilities range from bags with and without zipper closure. Single-layer, multiple layer and laminated roll stock used for packaging a wide range of applications including fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. These films can be used in a vertical form-fill & seal (VFFS) applications including a unique vertical form-fill and seal packaging that results in a stand-up pouch. We also have capabilities that permit you to conveniently have your product in multiple environments and loading methods. When you use Packaging Personified, our FDA approved packaging will ensure the final product your customers receive represents your company well.

What to look for in freezing material packaging:

  • Moisture and vapor-proof – won’t let in moisture
  • Food grade material – FDA approved plastic
  • Durable – transportation strong
  • Puncture resistant
  • Resistant to low temperatures – tested in freezing temperatures
  • Ink protected from scuffing
  • Easy to fill and seal – efficient for your business
  • Customizable for your products – numerous options for design

Understanding what you look for in your frozen food packaging makes Packaging Personified the perfect resource for your packaging needs. Let us use our expertise and experience for your unique packaging needs.