Plastic bags offer superior performance, low costs, and extreme durability.

As experts in the production of printed and non-printed plastic packaging, we know there are many different uses for this versatile packaging. While the market continues to grow, our experience in the production of flexible packaging allows us to understand the unique product requirements necessary to support your production, marketing, logistic, and procurement needs. Multiple manufacturing facilities helps to ensure that your packaging will be engineered, printed, and finished by our team of trained professionals.

Understanding your product requirements for manufacturing, delivering, and selling your product, means Packaging Personified is the best option for your plastic bags and packaging needs.

We cater to a variety of industries, our capabilities range from 3.75″ to 60″ widths and lengths from 10″ to 54″. Your product(s) will dictate how thick your packaging material will need to be, so we carry gauges .80 mil to 8.0 mil to accommodate every product application. We have a wide array of bag styles with or without closures:

  • Flush Cut – seamed on the side with an open top
  • Sideweld Bags – closed on the sides
  • Staple Pack – serrated lip for separating bag from stapled top quickly
  • Handle – die-cut holes into the top of the bag allows for easy of carrying
  • Wicketed Bags – welded with two holes in the lip (for use with automated packaging)
  • Zipper Closure – top sealing double track groove for a secure closure
  • Draw-Tape – folded top allows for plastic tape to be used as a drawstring
  • Flip Top – easy, top-loading bag with simple flip closure
  • Standup Pouches  – top-loading bags with bottom gusset
  • Bottom Gusset – expandable pleated bottom for additional room
  • Header (Reinforced and Non-Reinforced) – with or without cardboard header and used as an intermediate solution to automated packaging

We understand that each customer has unique needs and requirements for their packaging and only want the best. With so many different variations of plastic bags, we have the capability to customize size, color, graphics, and closure style. Whether you need bakery bags, ice bags, or a bulk plastic bags, we can accommodate to meet your needs. Call us today and see how we can help with your next packaging project!