Custom flexible packaging for any product with superior quality and value.

Packaging Personified serves industry leaders with our flexible packaging, graphics proofing and separation, extrusion, printing, converting, lamination, and laser perforation, all done from our multiple manufacturing locations in the center of the United States. Our custom packaging has continuously proven, over decades, to be superior in quality and price. By working directly with our clients, we understand your specific needs and expectations. Whether large or small, we have the flexibility to handle your packaging needs.

Our products can be customized specifically to your design, size, and graphics, all in-house. We use raw materials specifically to meet food packaging requirements which means you’re receiving the highest quality material in your products.

In addition to custom converting, extrusion and graphics separation and proofing, we provide in-house lamination, flexographic printing, laser perforation as well vendor management of customer inventory. Reach out to us today to see how we can meet your packaging needs.

Collaborating with customers to complete a needs assessment will allow us to propose the right service and packaging for your application. Applications including, but not limited to fresh fruits and vegetables, breathable films with controlled respiration rates for shelf life, frozen/processed foods, landscape films and bags, shrink/bundling films and shrink bags, baked goods, cook-in-bag and release liner films for adhesive and silicon coating.

Packaging options include:

  • Mono-layer, co-extruded and laminated roll stock and bag structures.
  • Roll stock constructions including single wound sheeting, centerfold, tubing and j-sheet.
  • Bags both wicketed and non-wicketed. Features including lips, gussets, headers, hang holes, double-wall bags,
  • Colored films/bags – Whether you need blue tint/opaque or white tint/opaque films to identify, beautify or protect your products Packaging Personified has the ability to color mono-layer, co-extruded and laminated structures. If co-extruded films can be one color or each layer can be colored to provide different colors inside and out.