From breathable packaging to moisture control and air evacuation, could laser perforation upgrade your packaging?

Micro Perforation | Packaging PersonifiedLaser perforation in flexible packaging is one of the most advanced technologies in perforation, venting and etching. Laser perforation lends itself to many applications and provides countless benefits for our clients. Mechanical venting and punching of vents is the most common method used in flexible packaging, that is only because the market is still catching up with the technology. Mechanical venting and punch techniques do not have the same high-quality and consistency that lasers do. Let Packaging Personified show you how laser perforating can benefit your product.

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Easy Open Packaging

Superior solutions for easy-open and tear enabled tops are created with a laser system. Laser perforations have built in quality that monitors product consistency and accuracy. It is essential to have a process that can create the perforations consistently and precisely. Lasers, unlike mechanical puncturing, offer flexibility in many different ways. The ability to use thicker and tougher packaging while still getting the desired performance is unique to laser perforation. Lasers create smaller and accurate holes which provide holes with superior shape and size consistency thus improving product performance. Customization with lasers is simple through computer technology. Perforations can be straight, curved, or designed to work with unique shapes.

Advanced performance offered by laser perforation, etching and venting are critical in creating superior microwavable films for in-package cooking and breathable films for extending shelf life of perishable food items. Laser perforation facilitates oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange required to extend shelf life, the release of hot air created when microwave cooking or the release of moisture from a package. Lasers can puncture all the way through film or only partially for a one-way barrier between your product and the atmosphere.

Perforation Services:

  • Easy-open features
  • Straight or contoured lines
  • Patterned perforating
  • Microwave steam-release features
  • Films to extend product shelf life

Heat energy used to create the perforation also seals the edge of the hole and ensures there is no material hanging, which could contaminate your product. It’s easy to see why laser perforating has become a standard in many industries today. Packaging Personified can help you with perforation services and take care of all your packaging needs within our facilities.