In-House Film Extrusions Optimize Product Performance

Red Extrusion Machine | Packaging PersonifiedLet Packaging Personified films help you meet performance objectives and cost-effectiveness with our mono-layer and Co-extrusion film capabilities to deliver targeted film properties.

Use our in-house expertise and on-sight lab to develop proprietary materials engineered for your specialized products, performance targets, or cost reduction initiatives.

Our in-house plastic extrusion allows for cost management, ability to support customer delivery deadlines, and industry-leading quality.

Benefits of In-House Extrusion

Reifenhauser Ultra Flat | Packaging Personified

  • Cost management
  • Control over production schedules. Product customized color, gauge, strength, sealing properties, breathability
  • Quality through process automated control
  • Computer-metered material blending to provide product consistency
  • Automated gauge control
  • Ultra-flat automation
  • Flexibility of inline venting – some limitations apply

Packaging Personified is dedicated to creating the highest-quality, customized packaging products for your company. Working with us is easy because of our vertically integrated manufacturing processes. There’s only one company you need to call for your products’ packaging needs.