Our inventory management programs support your service needs!

Inventory Management Picture | Packaging PersonifiedYour packaging is essential to your business. Packaging Personified understands how integral this step in production is. With our vendor managed inventory system and order management tools, we are able to track, trace, and coordinate every step of your order to ensure that packaging is available when you need it and helps optimize economic order quantities.

What Does Inventory Management Do?

Our inventory/order management tools are essential to running a successful business! These tools support our efforts to effectively manage inventory and order placement, ensuring product availability. In addition to assurance that your inventory will be available when needed our programs also provide effective cost management by producing orders at an optimal economic order quantity. It’s one less thing for you to worry about when you have a growing business to run.

The ability to track, reorder, and keep inventory for your packaging products makes working with Packaging Personified streamlined and easy.

Quick Reordering

A continuous supply of plastic packaging is at your fingertips. Weekly updates to our customer reporting ensure the most up-to-date information in our warehouse. Even as many businesses try to be predictable, the world of manufacturing is full of uncertainties. Instead of taking the time to call, place an order, or find a sales person, our customer inventory/order management system can make the ordering process quick, easy, and smooth.

Your time is essential to the success of your company. Let us make packaging easier for you with our unique management tools. Continuously working for you, Packaging Personified is dedicated to making your packaging stand out among the crowd.