You can go anywhere to find packaging solutions for your products, from one of many online companies to potentially your local big box or dollar store if your business is small enough. But how you package and present your product says a lot about not only what is inside the plastic, but your company and its culture as well. Who do you want to sell to? What will influence a customer to reach toward the shelf and choose your product over another? Proper packaging is essential to building your brand identity and differentiating your product from others.

What makes Packaging Personified so different from any other top flexible packaging company?

Our ability to be big enough to handle all your packaging needs while remaining small enough to provide individual care to you and your company.

Are you a small business? Some of the challenges you may be facing are exactly how to package your manufactured product in a way that is safe for transportation, compliant to regulations, and effective in terms of cost and efficiency. Perhaps you have a new product that just doesn’t seem to work with your current packaging solution, or you want to update how you are packaging an existing product.

 Maybe you are a representative of a large company with well-established standards of how you package and transport your product, but you’re looking for lower-cost alternatives. Or perhaps your current supplier doesn’t have the flexibility to bring you more options when needed.

Our mission is to provide all customers, from large to small, with the same innovative flexible packaging options, timely communications, on-time delivery, and total satisfaction through a trained and motivated team committed to excellence. We realize that our customers have made our company what it is today. As we continue to grow, our customers are the ones in the driver’s seat. Because our customers have helped spread the word about Packaging Personified and have expressed consistent satisfaction, we continue to grow. Regardless of your expectations or requirements, our goal is to understand them and work with you to create a solution that fits your unique situation. We work with any size business and any size packaging situation, from pet foods, to food and beverage, to home and personal care. We are up-to-date on the latest high-quality packaging trends, so your product can grow with consumer trends.

Contact us today to speak with one of our highly-trained representatives about your current packaging needs and we will show you how Packaging Personified can make an immediate and lasting difference.