Packaging Personified takes pride in all of the associations we are involved with.

To be part of a tight knit community that works toward bettering its products and practices is important to Packaging Personified. As a member of many different packaging associations, we make sure to follow their stringent guidelines to ensure quality products each and every time. We believe that working with these groups builds our industry knowledge, relationships, and credibility. The additional knowledge is passed on to our customers and helps develop the best plastic packaging products.

Tortilla Industry Association

Created in 1989, the fastest growing segment of the baking industry is supported by the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA). As a not-for-profit association, we see how this group helps small companies grow and become successful businesses. Understanding the needs of this specific industry helps us develop packaging that highlights their unique products.

Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

Connecting the packaging industry helps unite manufacturing supply chains so that they can share new practices and innovative technologies. Using its reach of over 800 North American manufacturers and suppliers, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) trains the workforce as well as spells out standards and regulations for our industry.

Our vast network of industry partners gives our customers the support and experience of working with hundreds of companies.

Produce Marketing Association

Produce Marketing Association, or PMA, is a trade organization built from many companies in every segment of global fresh produce and the floral supply chain. Using their expansive connections, PMA develops industry solutions to help their members grow. As a global association, PMA delivers industry knowledge, sustainability solutions, and supply chain management.

International Packaged Ice Association

The International Packaged Ice Association uses strict guidelines for their industry, and by doing this, promotes growth and best practices for the packaged ice industry. While many don’t recognize ice as an edible, it has many standards to uphold because it comes in contact with food and can be ingested. The IPIA is helping spread the word about how to stop ice contamination and the lax sanitation standards in the industry.

Packaging Personified is dedicated to working with our industry leaders in order to maintain the highest level of standards. As one of the area’s leading packaging developers, we will continue to grow and use our industry partners to pass on the best practices and ideas to our customers.